About Us

A Way Home Horse Rescue is dedicated to saving horses bound for slaughter for human consumption. We are located just outside of Qualicum Beach, on Vancouver island in beautiful British Columbia.

Our Mission

We try to match individuals with a horse, pony, or foal that would be meeting a horrible and untimely end. Every year over a hundred thousand horses are sent to slaughter in Alberta alone. These horses are slaughter for human consumption, mostly overseas, but some restaurants in places like Vancouver serve horse. At A Way Home Horse Rescue we hope to spread awareness of the fate of these majestic creatures.

When a horse arrives at A Way Home Horses Rescue, they are placed in quarantine where they are monitored by our vet and volunteers. As the horses settle in we assess their training and temperaments, and begin training using natural horsemanship techniques. Natural horsemanship involves communication techniques derived from observing horses in the wild in order to build a partnership that closely resembles the relationships that exist between horses. Most trainers agree that teaching through pain and fear does not result in the type of relationship that benefits both the horse and owner. The objective of Natural horsemanship is for the horse to be calm and feel safe throughout the training process.

We wish to remind people that a horse is a life time commitment and the decision to take a pet into our homes should never be taken lightly, their lives and futures rest literally in our hands.

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